A One of a Kind Day in Nature

Come along with me on an adventure today! Today started like most days volunteering here at Holton Creek River Camp on the the Beautiful Suwanee River in North Florida. It was a bit chilly when I first went out to do my daily dose of exercise. Cold, but not as cold as it probably wasContinue reading “A One of a Kind Day in Nature”

Co-Champion Cypress Tree

Just a very short walk from the Holton Creek River Camp, stands one of the prized features of the real Florida, the largest tree in the state, the co-champion Bald Cypress tree. This ancient wonder was already well established and probably known by the first Americans long before the first Spaniards’ feet stepped off aContinue reading “Co-Champion Cypress Tree”

Holton Creek River Camp

Nestled at mile 140.9 of the lovely Suwannee River is the second of the five Florida State Park River Camps, the Holton Creek River Camp. With this article I wish to share the features of the camp and perhaps entice the reader enough to contemplate a journey that includes a layover in this majestic aquaticContinue reading “Holton Creek River Camp”

Fort Travis and the Point Bolivar Lighthouse

Walking the grounds here a blend of the historical and natural world. Among the bastions, the Brown Pelicans now the defenders of this citadel made to withstand all but the forces of the storm. The old blackened Bolivar Lighthouse standing like a sentry to 6000 or more lives lost in the hurricane of 1900. AContinue reading “Fort Travis and the Point Bolivar Lighthouse”