Come Along

The Florida Trail near the Holton Creek River Camp

Come along. Share my journey and then start your own. Time is that malevolent illusion that seems to rule all we do. Leaving a secure information technology job at a corporate health care company, the idea was to be free from those ties that bind, to travel to remote parts of the country and to volunteer with the explicit purpose of being a part and a helper of the natural world rather than a user whom exploits it.

Author and amateur naturalist, Tony Ruff

Sometimes our own minds drive us away from the places we seek. I found that after I left the corporate community I would seek things that were a part of that brick and mortar, plastic and wired world. This was, I believe, an effort to somehow subconsciously gravitate back to it like a worker bee coming back to the hive. In essence, I believe that modern society and the way humans now live has reprogrammed our brains away from the natural world in which we thrive. I have learned some things regarding this with my own experiences over the last several years and I am devoting an entire category of this blog to focusing on the aspects of living more simply and slowing down to live a better life which is more closely connected to nature. This is what Slowpokes Adventures is all about. We are not going to get in a hurry about anything here even the writing of this blog itself.

As I sit here in my little camper at the Holton Creek River camp, the majestic Suwanee flows gently, the sun starts to warm last night’s rain off of the magnolias that sit outside my window and I hear the chatter of birds both distant and near. Piliated Woodpeckers busy foraging for insects in decaying trees. Calls of crows warning of trespass in their aviary kingdom. This is the connection, come along and then start your own journey into all that our natural world has to offer.


Published by Slowpokes Adventures

Like all of us, I too am a traveler made of ancient atoms once part of massive stellar entities. I have no agenda. I just wish to share some prose and photos along the timeline of my existence.

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