Holton Creek River Camp

Nestled at mile 140.9 of the lovely Suwannee River is the second of the five Florida State Park River Camps, the Holton Creek River Camp. With this article I wish to share the features of the camp and perhaps entice the reader enough to contemplate a journey that includes a layover in this majestic aquatic paradise. Holton Creek River Camp is truly a place where the state park moto of “the real Florida” comes to fruition.

The sign seen from the Suwannee River and from coming up the ramp to the Holton Creek River Camp

For a very nominal suggested five dollar donation per person, wayward riperian travelers can find a very comfortable respite in screened platforms hidden in a primvial like forest of live oaks, hickories and magnolias. There are five of these platforms one of which is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Each of the screened pavilions features a metal roof where echos of sombient melodies can be heard during the peaceful rain showers present in this rainforest like setting. Also for those who seek the finer comforts of the modern age a 120 volt AC outlet is provided along with a ceiling fan with a light.

The Americans with Disabilities act compliant platform features a wooden ramp with hand rails. Potable water is featured at each pavilion.
This is platform number four. It is tucked back away from the other platforms and could well be considered the most private or secluded of the domiciles. Each platforms area features a picnic table and a fire ring.
Platform number three
Platform One is the closest to the ramp and is commonly sought after by the most weary of travelers
Platform number 2 with its fire ring and table proudly displayed
A little better picture of the picnic table and fire ring available at platform number four

Those wishing to camp in a more primitive fashion will find five sites available. The camp also features a wooden ramp, kayak and canoe racks and to top it all off bathrooms with hot showers. This camp is unique amongst the river camps in that the Florida Trail runs right through it. Canoeists and kayakers can mingle with through hikers at the camps facilities and share stories of their journeys. Firewood when available may be purchased from the on-site volunteer host for six dollars.

A trip to any of the river camps is really something special not only because of the breathtaking beauty of the landscape but because a trip to the river camps must be earned though the physical act of either padling or hiking. The Holton Creek River Camp is indeed a special place affords the luxuries to through hikers which at the other camps is only available to padlers.


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