Slowpokes Adventures is back!

Hi all, I am going to give the blogging thing another try. This time using WordPress. I hope to provide some entertaining information on simple living and travel on the cheap. There are a lot of sites and blogs out there that claim to be about traveling on a budget and things like that but I find that the details are lacking for a lot of them. I ‘retired’ early from a IT office job where I felt imprisoned by the plastic and wires the profession enamored on me. I do not want to reinvent myself as a shadow clone of the aforementioned. But I do want to put down some of my adventures and mishaps perhaps only to read myself in days when I am not so able participate myself. Currently the slowpokes are in the Crystal Beach area of Texas and we have some interesting stories to tell about our trip to Texas thusfar. Posting for Facebook friends.

Caught this seagull in flight on the ferry coming from Galvestion to the Bolivar Peninsula. The ferry ride is a great free way to get a boat ride.

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Like all of us, I too am a traveler made of ancient atoms once part of massive stellar entities. I have no agenda. I just wish to share some prose and photos along the timeline of my existence.

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