Hanging out at Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach seems a quiet gem along the Gulf Coast. Although, it too suffers the weight of humankind’s proliferation, to the savvy transients on a Monday morning it seems at peace. If one packs water, a repast, and a way to keep the shade with you, one can spend the day without spending any money. There is much to see walking along the shoreline. Aviatory friends, shells that speak of their former masters, and this vast ocean created from eons of pummelling from water logged meteors.

A gull in flight from the ruins of an old pier at Crystal Beach.
I believe this shoremate to be a crane although I could not get close enough to verify


Published by Slowpokes Adventures

Like all of us, I too am a traveler made of ancient atoms once part of massive stellar entities. I have no agenda. I just wish to share some prose and photos along the timeline of my existence.

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